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At George Electrical we are proud to offer a huge variety of options that are available in today’s market.


Most modern day electricians will be disciplined in one area. However, we can undertake many installations with multiple systems all coming together in one place


With so much available, we need around an hour of your time to cover all possibilities


Gone are the days of a socket in each room with a single light fixture in the ceiling


The modern day house has more electrical systems than ever before comprising of lighting, power and home WiFi networks.


As a nation, we are installing more sockets, more switches, more lights of different size and design than ever before, and it can be easy to over do it or run in to problems when controlling all the aspects of your home. 


We have a solution for just about anything you need when designing your electrical system 


If you are looking to rewire your property, or if in fact you are building your own home, you must make sure that your house won’t be left in the stone-age at the end of your project


At George Electrical London we install more than just power and lights. We can install a system that removes ALL of your wiring around your TV allowing a visually stunning finish. We can take the set top box, the games console and the DVD player and move it away so it is never seen or heard 


With home internet so popular these days, the demand on WiFi has never been bigger.

We have a solution for that too!

We can distribute your home network so you never lose signal, even in the garden! 


The possibilities are endless when you choose George Electrical



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Looking for new wiring on a budget?

For just £65 and 1 hour of your time, we can design your installation with you allowing you to then shop on price with a economic installer


Are you a landlord or looking to sell? Perhaps you just need the property to be safe?

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