Electrical safety

Electrical safety

How can you be safe when dealing with electricity?

Is a small shock worse than a big one?

Keep reading and keep safe

When I first started out as an electrician, before I amassed tools and books and all my experience I was definitely naive to electrical energy. I knew what it was obviously, it made the tele work and helped us see in the dark.

Is getting a Professional Electrician really that important

Should you insist on a  professional electrician or builder?

Does it really matter? If they say they can do it...

And what should they give you when your project is finished?

You MUST read this to find out - it’s not just a bill

We all have works done from time to time on our home, whether it be a new socket behind the TV or an extension. These works improve our home life and our property’s value.

Thinking of an Induction Hob upgrade or even moving to a more powerful Halogen?

If your thinking of an Induction Hob upgrade you might consider reading on

Quite recently I have had four customers ask me the very same thing. At first, the answer is simple, however it does open up some questions and there are 1 or 2 things I must ask before I can give advice. I need to know what they are buying and what their electrics are like.

Now, most customers can almost always answer the first, yet most are very often unsure of what to say for the second question.

Home improvements and electrical considerations

Susan, one of our potential local customers called us recently and wasn't sure if she had called at the wrong time of her project. Susan's project in her home was renovating her spare room into a home office where she runs her small business.

I would like to write today about the consideration that many of us overlook when carrying out these works. I am sure, like me, that you love to get the spare room ready for use, the decoration, the design and ambience coupled with the capacity it has in the home to make life just a little easier.