Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer?

NICEIC Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer?

There is a difference between the two, and it is complicated as it deals with time, qualifications and the level of competency

The NICEIC has 2 schemes that they offer

The first scheme is the ‘Domestic installer scheme’

The second is the ‘Approved contractor scheme’

But what does it matter if you pick one over the other? Will the electrician be any better?

This page is to bust jargon and not make more of it. So the easiest way to understand this would be to read this story

A sheep finds itself on a road, and as it walks it finds itself at a fork.

NICEIC Sheep on the road

The left road is straight and easy to walk .

The easy left road

but the right road is dark, uneven, has many turns and is far longer than the left

More tricky right hand road


If the sheep takes the left road, he will reach the end faster, but if he takes the right road he will arrive later but will have endured all the added challenges along the way.

At the end of the road is the possibility of work, the sheep knows that the work will be awarded for simply arriving at the end of the road.

But what if the sheep knew that the work was dependent upon the experience the sheep would encounter along the road? Would the sheep then take the right instead of the left to gain more experience and understanding?

What sheep would you choose? The sheep that takes the straight, short and easy route,

Domestic installer sheep

or the sheep that takes the far trickier right hand route?

Approved sheep



Why does it matter?
It matters because everyone wants the more experienced person fighting their corner. Completing the right hand route is a mark of achievement above what the left can offer. If you have arrived at a point having gone down the right hand route, you can stand tall and know you have accomplished more to be at the end of that road than the sheep that took the left.

If the only criteria to meet is that the person is registered with the NICEIC then get a Domestic installer (a left road sheep)

If you want a more time served, battle hardened professional that is also registered with the NICEIC then you will do well to get the Approved contractor (a right road sheep)                                                

I founded George Electrical London because I believe there was a gap in the market for an electrician who does take pride and pursue a better outcome and not just because it’s a challenge. I pursue the best outcome because that is the service I want to deliver to my customers with no compromise