Home improvements and electrical considerations

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Susan, one of our potential local customers called us recently and wasn't sure if she had called at the wrong time of her project. Susan's project in her home was renovating her spare room into a home office where she runs her small business.

I would like to write today about the consideration that many of us overlook when carrying out these works. I am sure, like me, that you love to get the spare room ready for use, the decoration, the design and ambience coupled with the capacity it has in the home to make life just a little easier.

Many times my customers ask all too late about electrical work.

Electrical work in the home doesn't always rank highly in my customers list of priorities. 'Shocking' right? But why would it? It adds little to no aesthetic value, it can appear cluttered if over done and you already have a socket there which surely will be enough correct?


When undertaking any works in the home, we would always recommend that you consult your local qualified electrician. In this case Susan had the decorator booked for a weeks time, which didn't allow a lot of time to make a free site visit, talk through her requirements (which you can read below) and then of course provide her with her written quotation.

Following some scheduling works, we were able to carry out some much needed electrical work to Susan's office and met the crucial design aspect I will now detail and explain

If YOU are planning on starting to work from home and have an office in mind whether it be a spare room or a log cabin you simply MUST follow these rules if your office is to deliver the dream of working from home

An office requires a lot more electrical points than most other rooms. Just think of the equipment you would have whilst sitting at your desk. Like Susan, she admitted to having the following:

  1. Computer
  2. Monitor
  3. Printer
  4. Router
  5. Hard wired phone
  6. Desk lamp

that's just six. There could be much more

Whilst extension leads are a good way of adding points, they are not always the safest. With roller wheels from you chair always rolling over them or pushed behind furniture where they can be strained and stressed its no wonder they are frowned upon by the experts

We must consider putting in the right infrastructure for your office.

Lighting is also a massive consideration. Simply changing the light fixture, whilst it will make it look nice, it may not supply you with the right light for the room. Having a single light can cause a problem if you use video conferencing like Skype or have a YouTube channel where you regularly post videos. In fact, this problem is so obvious you will kick yourself when you hear it!

I am talking about 'shading'. If you have a single light source you will get a shadow. if you sit with your light behind the monitor you will be in the shadow of your screen!

Once we had discussed this with Susan, we had soon decided on a much better lighting design to complement this. And all before the decorator arrived

Susan is now running her successful business from an office that isn't fighting against her or causing frustrations associated with trying to find a plug socket. Susan's lighting complements her when recording content and appearing in video.

Electrical design is crucial. When YOU have your next project in mind, call the experts for expert advice. Advice is free, as so is a quote.

So what do you have to lose? - Nothing

What could you gain? - Your one call away from finding out

Call Ben now on 0208 261 7568 and we are sure to help or give peace of mind before its too late.